Serious Injuries Chart

Serious Injuries Chart
Roll D66

11-16: DEAD. The model is killed in action. All the weapons and equipment carried by the model are lost.

21: MULTIPLE INJURIES. The model is not dead but has suffered many serious wounds. Roll a further D6 times on this chart. Re-roll any “Dead” and “Full Recovery” results.

22: CHEST WOUND. The model has been badly wounded in the chest. He recovers but is weakened by the injury and his Toughness characteristic is reduced by -1.

23: LEG WOUND. The model has smashed a leg. He recovers from his injuries but he can no longer move quickly. The model’s Movement characteristic is reduced by -1. Randomly determine which leg has been hurt.

24: ARM WOUND. The model has smashed one arm. Although he recovers from his injury his strength is permanently reduced as a result. The fighter’s Strength characteristic is reduced by -1 when using that arm. Randomly determine which arm has been hit. Bear in mind that some hanbd-to-hand weapons use the fighter’s own Strength, e.g., swords.

25: HEAD WOUND. A serious head injury leaves the fighter somewhat unhinged. At the start of each game roll a D6 to determine how he is affected. On a 1-3 the fighter is dazed and confused – he is affected by the rules for stupidity. On a roll of 4-6 the fighter is enraged and uncontrollable – he is affected by the rules for frenzy.

26: BLIND IN ONE EYE. The fighter survives but loses the sight of one eye. Ranbdomly determine which eye. A character with only one eye has his Ballistic Skill reduced by -1. If the fighter is subsequently blinded in his remaining good eye then he must retire.

31: PARTIALLY DEAFENED. The fighter survives but is partially deafened as a resuylt of his injuries. An individual suffers no penalty if he is partially deafen ed, but if he is deafened for a second time he suffers -1 from his Leadership characteristic.

32: SHELL SHOCK. The fighter survives but is extremely nervous and jumpy as a result of the traumatic injuries he has suffered. His Initiative char4acteristic is reduced by -1.

33: HAND INJURY Wounds to a hand reult in the loss of D3 fingers. Randomly determine which hand is affected. The fighter’s Weapon Skill is reduced by -1. If the fighter loses all five fingers on a hand then he may no longer use that hand.: he many not carry anything in it, and is unable to use weapons that required two hands.

34-36: OLD BATTLE WOUNDS. The fighter recovers but his old wound sometimes affects his health. Roll a D6 before each game. On the roll of a 1 the fighter’s old wound is playing up and he is unable to take part in the forthcoming battle.

41-55: FULL RECOVERY. The fighter has been knocked unconscious or suffers a mildly incapacitating wound from which he makes a full recovery.

56: BITTER ENMITY. Although he makes a full physical recovery, the fighter has been psychologically scarred by his experiences. He develops a bitter enmity for the gang that was resonsible for his injury. From now on, the fighter hates the following (roll a D6).

  • 1-2 The individual enemy who inflicted the injury (if unknown, the gang leader).
  • 3-4 The leader of the gang who inflicted the injury.
  • 5 The entire gange responsible for his injury.
  • 6 All gangs from the same Hosue as the gang that inflicted his injury. If the same House as the fighter, roll again.

61-63: CAPTURED. The fighter regains consciousness to find himself held captive by the opposing gang. Captives may be exchanged, ransomed back or sold into slavery. If both gangs hold captives then they must be exchanged on a one-for-one basis, starting with the models of the highest valuye. Any remaining captives must be ransomed back to their own gang if the player is willing to pay the captor’s asking price. There is no fixed value for ransom – it is a matter for the players to decide for themselves.

64: HORRIBLE SCARS. The fighter recovers from his injuries but is left horribly disfigured. His scarred and distroted features inspire fear.

65: IMPRESSIVE SCARS. The fighter recovers and is left with impressive scars as testament to his bravery. Add +1 to the fighter’s Leadership characteristic. This bonus applies only once. Further impressive scars have no additional effect.

66: SURVIVES AGAINST THE ODDS. The fighter regains consciousness alone in the darkness, given up for dead by his comopanions and overlooked by his enemies. Despite his injuries he makes his way back home, fighting off mutants, rats, and other horrors, and overcoming the endless dangers of the Underhive. He recovers full and his uncanny survival earns him an additional D6 Experience points.

Serious Injuries Chart

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