What happens if a character dies during a tabletop battle?
Models that are “killed” during a tabletop battle are termed “Out of Action”. Remove the model from the table as normal. We use the “Serious Injuries” rules in Necromunda to determine their eventual fate.

1. Only models which go Out Of Action are obliged to roll on this chart. Models that suffer flesh wounds do not sustain serious injuries and will always recover fully in time for the next battle.

2. In addition to models who go Out Of Action during the game, models who are down at the end of the game may also go out of action. Roll 1D6 for each model who is down when the game ends. On a roll of 1-3 the model recovers without further effect. On a 4-6 he goes Out Of Action.

3. To determine what happens to models who go Out Of Action roll D66 and consult the Serious Injuries Chart.


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